modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


swagger ny

check it, my fly shades are on swagger ny

thanks liz!


turns out, kids like the splat corks.
positive words came from left + right.

solar power

romantic attention is a life lubricant. it is like gasoline.
we're running on fumes. time for us to find another source of energy.

white knights stripe shirt, salvation army ($4.99)



cat in the back midriff tee, h&m ($13)


sea scales

hop around + make a scene
i know you love that song
+ love to sing

i know we're still young
+ everything

but baby, you're embarrassing.

the big blue, viceversa ($20)
louis collar, light (your soul)


i knew that i would be spending more time trying to get over you
than actually getting to know you. you made me really nervous.

farm-brim straw hat, viceversa ($5)
louis collar, light (your 1st-born)


sunday splat



so i destroyed my corks.
i'll let you know how
this goes down in the streets.

daily catch

teal plunger cap, h&m (pennies)
tangerine nets, met food (free with tangerines)

stylophone aeropocketplane

you pull your hair back
you wear arthag glasses
+ people seem to buy it.


i wish that these boys were black.

maybe i will splat them black.

blue corkplats, 80%20 via urban outfitters ($40)


sunshading : fishflying

chorus line capcoat, beacon's closet ($16)

and then i didn't care about staying inside the lines

memory hous(es)ing

my gig as an archivist's assistant has its perks.*
these fellas used to house some old slides.

aren't they gentlemanly?

much of my taste for design (in the most general sense of
the word: the physical manifestation of ideas) developed
from an exposure to simplicity. this perspective
bleeds into my fashion choices. what is consistently
frustrating about modern clothing options is that
everything is over-determined + over-designed with an often
clumsy, desperate execution for uniqueness - but less is bold.
for the most part, more is more and less is less, but amid
appropriate context, less is simply majestic.

*this gig ends soon. there will be tears.

this heat

is turning me into:

maybe not so bad? always loved stripes:


soft spot

soft goth garden scarf, forever 21 ($14)


ignore the toothbrush in my mouth

male morse code collar shirt, salvation army ($7)


gold dust woman

can never have enough sequins.

gold sequins cardigan, beacon's closet ($22)
medal winner shoulder cap cardi, viceversa ($10)


white light white heat

my closet was thirsty for another coat that
i can't wear for another two months.

moto denim, brooklyn industries ($65)