modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


happy house

"happy house," siouxsie + the banshees (1980)

i want you

my picks from the latest modcloth offerings:

(on second thought, i got it bad for all osborns)

osborn, no other shoe will boot, ($110)

osborn, cute runnings oxford ($100)

matiko, a studding friendship flat ($112)


on love

love makes you do reckless things.

jeffrey campbell witchy wedges, shoe market ($i'm embarrassed)


frame junkie

i began collecting frames in high school when stress-city planted styes on mine-eyes. i would invest in non-prescription frames with intentions to alleviate the horror of my pop-up deformities (+ because i had a monster crush on the boy who worked at hot topic). the kids with the prescription frames would make fun of me, thinking it was bizarre for someone to impose pseudo-shields on their face when there was no need - according to them - but i've always liked the expressive quality of frames, they can be like hats for your eyes. i admit, my current collection is excessive (+ this is after last spring's cleaning).

p.s. phew! my 'do is screaming for a 'did.


of time + independence

"fashion seeks after trends. i want timeless elegance. fashion has no time. i do. i say, 'hello lady, how can I help you?' fashion has no time to even ask such a question, because it is constantly concerned with finding out: what will come next? it is more about helping women to suffer less, to attain more freedom and independence."

-yohji yamamoto


cake-eater collar

cake-eater collar, light (up-cycled from viceversa blouse, $5)

dear john

this is my friend john m. sapp. he is fabulous. (duh)

i hope he doesn't hate me for stealing this fb photo.

he also has a tumblr: the empire of ugly

+ lots of wisdom to share. check it out!


forget for a dollar

hey y'all, get some jams on the cheap.

twin shadow's new album forget is only $1, just for today!

go get 'em


muscle milk

when we were little, we used to stuff pillows in my dad's muscleman pants
+ chase each other around the house. he inherited them from this man
who was probably carrying around more bacon than muscle.

curse of the golden flower capcoat, re-threads ($15, madison, wisconsin)
teal polka musclemilk pant, beacon's closet ($10.95)


seeing sound, hearing film

here are my 2 favorite apps on my cherry red korg. i recorded some samples via ancient digicam because i like to record sounds in the most impractical, counterintuitive ways possible.

if these sounds develop into anything remotely tangible, you'll be the first to know.


triangle walks

i want to be fever ray when i grow up.

no, really. i do + i'm working on it.

"triangle walks," fever ray (2009)


sweet not true love tough love duh boss rad dude

wear them all at once + it is like poetry.

check it


suggestion > statement

i'm less interested in color + more interested in texture.
a suggestion can be far more effective than a statement.
nudity doesn't interest me. for the most part, all humans
look the same, so coming up with ways to be naked
is hardly provocative. but an overdressed body?
now that is interesting.

avant-jailbird jumpsuit, american apparel ($48)
lace + lace shirt, h & m ($34.95)



i've been working on some korg drones, a little sound development
that i'm calling valentino. i don't plan on being a pop star, so
you don't have to fret about battles with the fashion
empire. maybe one day i'll load 'em up so you can have a listen.

cream valentino collar, light (up-cycled from viceversa blouse, $5)


you can hire me

i didn't know i was poor until someone told me. this position reaps
unexpected advantages. when everyone was running around like farm
animals with their brains bursting about the economic recession, i
didn't feel a thing because i had always been living penny to penny.
i've always been living spottingly - but that has never
made me a greedy monster. i care enough to feed myself but i
don't care enough to tango with money-making schemes or chase
dream clouds of dollar signs. i will probably walk into your
office soon, covered in stripes and lace. you can hire me.

cream stripe pipe shirt, h & m ($24.95)
but i'm not a christmas present bow, top shop ($20)


but i'm not a christmas present

i think this bow is meant to go on my head,
but i'm not a christmas present.

but i'm not a christmas present bow, top shop ($20)


love at first sound

"have you ever?"
"been in?"
"[ nod / skiffle ]"
"love at first sight is the only kind of love.
everything else has to be learned through a conflict
of some sort. but in love with someone i was in a
relationship with? i'm not sure that happens often enough."

my lack of navigation at lollapalooza was clear evidence of my lack of
participation in new sounds. i have never felt so distant and so
catastrophically attached. word is that the uk's wild beasts have been
glamoring for quite some time + i am just a loser. if there is such a
thing as love at first sound, this is it. live, these gents generate
something expansive, velvet and dark - but their albums are something
else entirely. these songs are strange, guttural, hysterical flavors.
my tongue is numb.

i want to swaddle them in thin white duke suits, starting with the
devastating hayden thorpe, who's falsetto is actually ruining my life.


two is too many

not dead, was just busy scaring farmboys.

says khaki cargo lollapalooza rep #30,890,989: "ma'am what are you wearing?!"
my knight in shining armor: "'eff you!"

found these triangle ear pieces for pennies during a dayish trip to madison, wisconsin. wearing one at a time because two is too many.
might paint one black.
keep one blue.

musical triangles, re-threads (madison, wisconsin) ($3)


my bleeding black heart

sometimes bleeds bubblegum pink.

aldous huxley once said, "the trouble with fiction is that it
makes too much sense. reality never makes sense."

more + more it seems that "complicated" is just another word
for "inefficient" + we cling to romantic notions
of a chaotic, wild universe because it allows us to be submissive
to invisible forces (that perhaps do not exist at all):
destiny, fate, is so easy to be overwhelmed.


sunny side of the street

i inherited this dress from a friend's abandoned sidewalk sale.
i'm thinking of cutting it up + fancying myself an obnoxious collar.
it's hard to make out through my shots, but the linen striping
is really lovely. i'll keep you updated.

wall of scalp shades

the obvious favorites:

and that is not all of them.