modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


pop-up victorian

a dramatic collar is key. i've always liked the idea of a detachable accessory, a mobile accent that has the potential to pop any top, on the spot.

bitchplease ripped this collar from an innocent blouse some time ago, intending to reattach it elsewhere + tonight, that elsewhere is my neck.

i actually did

go grocery shopping today + as i turned to throw away the netting that held my tangerines i that the same as...? just a couple-a bobby pins sealed the deal. this goes in the same make-shift-headgear category as this wrap i gripped at a craft fair last spring. it's a totally acceptable accessory until someone taps me on the shoulder + politely asks, "rhyannon...are you wearing a neck tie on your head?"


saint bowie's

sounds were gracing the shopping space waves when these cadets spotted me. it was destiny.

spacelady jones booties, beacon's closet ($17.95)

i left zee haus

to only go grocery shopping, honest. the late spring sunshine called me to the pretty pony boulevard + led me to this summer hat + super-sunnies combo. obvious inspiration comes from hunky dwayne wayne, of "a different world"- fame. even the babe working the dressing room asked me what the proper term was for these magical frames. i blushed, giggled like an idiot + barely managed to mumble, " style shades?"

kaminski summer hat ($15.95) + cool style shades ($11), beacon's closet


"i know you,

i walked with you once upon a dream. i know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar, a-gleam. yet i know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem. but if i know you, i know what you do, you'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream."

etsy goldmine finds, $49.95


you are so beautiful

it hurts to look at you. my beatle boots from underground originals arrived. it hurts so good.

lady beatle boots, underground originals, 80-english squids


summer is

not my season. it's 'effin ninety-one degrees outside + what do i do? wrap myself up in three layers + cherry it with a giant wool sunhat fit for a religious fanatic.

p.s. kudos to the g-point resi that whistled the wicked-witch-of-the-west theme at me the other day, out of tune, but an A for effort!


oh now i remember...

why i still go into forever 21 every blue moon.

razzle dazzle tap, forever 21, $21.95


wednesday addams goes to prom dress

i can't decide whether or not i like the sleeves left open or laced-up. i attached some polka-dot netting to the right arm + i think i've decided to keep it asymmetrical.

basically i'm trying...

to figure out a way to just wear pajamas all day. for the most part, i find myself riding out of zee- haus in a giant gangster black tee draping over some leggings, just because it is easy. it may have been the high from a sunday bike adventure + possibly the best mexican food in ny, but i simply could not ignore this metallic baby doll number. the sleeves were giving me grief, so i just simply cut the seams with the intention of adding some lace to size, still thinkin'...

wednesday addams goes to prom dress, viceversa vintage, $15(!!!)


turning on the light, part 4/5.6/789

135 x 968574. bad fashion is like a bad blood transfusion. if poorly executed, your body will reject it.

3.14159 shopping sucks.

423 - 345. shopping sucks because our international distribution process has built-in disastrous effects. we have a supposed sizing standard that surprisingly fluctuates with each designer, each manufacturer, each retail bazaar. the billions of people on the planet don't actually fit so-nicely into such categories + are more complicated than merely "petite" or "plus-size" ...who knew?

0. our consumer culture has melted our self-esteem because this system has everything backwards. when something shiny doesn't abide by your curves, you have not failed, the garment has failed you.


shoe swap!

my buddy aileen gripped some gorgeous wine-colored penny loafers off etsy only to find them a 1/2 size too small on arrival. lucky for me they fit like a glove! we've decided to do a shoe swap. i came across these black cross-stitch loafers at my local buffalo exchange last fall although they're a very noticeable 1/2 size too large for me. perfect! but i'm totally getting the better end of the deal, right?


that totally counts as styling

this one time in the magical land of ireland, i bought some magical spectacles + everyone was like, "hey class nerd, why are you with the class bully?" the entire class ended up at an abandoned welsh bus stop in the middle of a spit-storm talking trash 'til the sun went down. i decided that my specs looked way better on my buddy lex. that totally counts as styling because he later had to beat the babes off with a stick.


happiness is...

making friends with your 'hood shoe cobbler. i absolutely ruined these lovelies last summer + with a little TLC, they're better than than ever. there is something inherently dark, yet comical about
these little jeffrey campbell peek-a-boos, their buckles nervously jingle like edward scissorhands' essential summergear.


liza with a ZEEEEE

it is silky + shiny + bleeds its golden fairy dust all over the other virtuous, law-abiding garments. i would provide an apt close-up of the leopard-face detail but that would rob it of all its mystery, right? all you need to know is that i found it in an armpit in urbana-champaign + that it is fabulous.

p.s. i accidentally wore it on a first non-date/date + i think i scared him away because i was unintentionally dressed like liza minnelli. OH CRAP I DRESS LIKE LIZA MINNELLI.


shed a little light, part .567788

3/4 what i find distasteful about the popularity of the word 'hip' as 'hipster' is that it probably used to refer to the chic class instead of its bandwagon-jumpin' little sis 'trendy.' there is definitely a substantial difference worth exploring, because...

105. there is a difference between someone that undeniably owns their look + someone that just bought it.


total romantic

this pair of louis found me when i didn't think it was worth searching anymore. there is definitely something late-baroque/roughly rococo about them because they look like they smell like lost love letters and feel like soft spring sunshine. S I G H.

roughly rococo booties, top shop, $70


just a little light, part i

-4.77 fashion has never been complicated for me. you buy what you love + that's it. are you not in love?

(768) 533 - 4328 the biggest misconception of the chic class is that these people actually try harder than anyone else. people with style wear what they want + that's it. you're hardly detecting innovation, you're just witnessing unadulterated poise.



i was most victorious at the salvation army today. keep me away from all of those old lady parachute blouses, i will eat them all! this gem is navy blue + i'm keeping it real with my favorite black bow tie. what's that? i am not supposed to wear navy blue with black? f i d d le sticks.

light is...

not a shoe blog. but it might be...sometimes.

remember my studding-shoe project? a dear friend suggested that i come up with a term that describes this process of anti-bedazzling. i am thinking: simple. i am thinking: lightly. i am thinking: didazzling?

didazzling: just one of the many services we offer here at light.


reporting from the front lines

i swore off anything with more than a single-centimeter heel for a long time, but now that i live on my bike, my precious pedejewels are safe from ny speedwalk demolition...probably.

they found me at beacon's closet + i couldn't say no...they're velvet.

melissa black velvet booties, $29.95


some studs on their faces



i decided that i needed some studded monsters on my feet + these little blowfish booties became instant roadkill. i originally wanted to completely cover them, but that leather flapping pattern complicates their nasal landscape. sans bedazzler, i ended up getting high off adhesive perfumes + super-gluing some studs on their faces (face down, spikes up) to the heels of these innocent by-standers.


facebook ate my blog

i realized how easy it is to snap, crackle + pop on ye ole spaceforfaces. when contemplating design of this here virtual anchorage, my firstborn mental hatchlin' was "but i already do that on facebook." the problem with such social ducts is that it is easy to be exclusive and hand-pick your people-stock. the time has come, to branch out. come into the light.

p.s. joan chen circa twin peaks: true love.