modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


did + did

king's pharmacy halloween-did.

o o o

i've been dreaming about striped clown pants for a long time.

Rene Gurskov S/S 2011 via Char Alfonzo



sunday = hand-me-downs-from-your-bestie day + wear-funny
you-in-the-big-city day


three amigos

homie plays pom-pom, h&m (x3, $5.95 each)


kimo kawaii

like most seminal thinkers, yoshitomo nara is the
type of artist who is so massively influential, that
his work seemingly infiltrates the common consciousness
seamlessly. two years ago, my friend p.c. rae asked me,
the all-about-town new yorker, to keep my eyes peeled for
nara prints + i thought, "who?" a couple of t'internet
clicks later + my thoughts switched instantly,
"oooh!that guy!"

with such a strong subcultural presence amid the art
and pop populous over ten-years strong, it is hard to believe
that nara's show at the asia society is the first
major exhibition of his art in new york. this collection
features an impressive variety of materials, ranging from
a hand-picked record sleeve selection, sculptures, ceramics,
drawings, paintings, + installations. the only art i have
in my house is my own, but i was happy to change that with
this "pyromaniac day and pyromaniac dead of night" print.
nara's impudent version of kimo kawaii (japanese for
"creepy - cute"), romance with rock 'n roll, + get-up + go
aesthetic, make this show a must see for this generation
of outsiders, whose ipod is their music scene, or anyone who
can relate to the recent societal rifts with the evolving
definitions of emerging adulthood.

asia society museum
725 park avenue (at 70th street)
up until january 2, 2011


sharply cinematic

i'm absolutely infatuated with this look. it
is so sharply cinematic + dark without being
hot-topic-goth - which is a deeply dangerous
slippery-slope for our blackheart friends.
the blocks of black are boldy made warm by
the incorporation of this camely-yellow shade,
in the form of a sleek, simple shirt.
it is for this reason that streethearts
is one of my favorite street style blogs.

photo by eirik slyngstad

p.s. i've been looking for this film noir
meets poltergeist black hat for years.
let me know if you see one flappin' about.


karl! everything else in this 80-some odd piece collection
is atrocious, but if you must see for yourself, do so here!

"i must have good credit"
rhyannon joy


this is

what happens when i stop washing my hair.




"you look like nerdy zorro."

when did...?

when did urban outfitters' shopping bags get so pretty?!
also found it kind of strange that they carried dennis cooper's
work, but then it made sense to find it in the clearance section
for $2.90. bad for urban outfitters, good for me!

chit-chat cabinet

also found this note hiding in my digital wastebasket:

listening to animal collective is like
listening to animal collective is
experiencing animal collective like
experiencing animal collective is like experiencing the Disneyland electric light parade.

i'm pretty sure someone else of a more privileged station has used this image before but i'm having trouble placing the origin. it might have just been me.

smells: odors of unwashed starchy uniforms, babies, camera film tourists, processed foods saturated in sugars that spell all sorts of cancer, warped, out of date, crusty, texture, exaggerated hues, florescent smells, excessive sensual overload, blinding lights, invasion, sonic fear of white walls, chasm, abyssal fluidity that's only negatively nightmarish pimply faced teenage worker draped in 2 dimensional wardrobe on 3 dimensional body

taking out the trash

i was doing some computer clean-up + came across some old images
of times when i washed my hair regularly. oh, have times changed.


kitty-cat trash

i only like katy perry when she's ripping off the trashy
pulp aesthetics of the b-52s. here's the promo shot for
her new fragrance. she'e really slamming that kitty-cat
nail in the coffin, right? the only thing that would make
this better would be a little puddle of kitty-cat vomit.

photo via wwd

things that made me move to ny

"felicity," wb network, (1998 - 2002)

interpol, "nyc," (2002)

george gershwin, "rhapsody in blue," via fantasia 2000

"kids," larry clark (1995)

probably lost some cool point there.
oh look, there they go...
[points up to sky, fingers trail scattered clouds ]

funny face funny musical filter

i know this was probably some form of soft parody at the time,
because it is high fashion filtered through musical theater via
fancy-feet comedy lens - maybe aggressive parody, i mean, look
at what "american idiot" has done to post-punk
, but these credits
are really quite beautiful, aren't they? the restrained color blocks,
the simplicity + geometry of the whole design has been undeniably
influential on entertainment (look no further than "mad men.")
or maybe this is all derivative + i have my theories of appropriation
mixed up + there is no way paramount mainstream work horses had
influence on the french new wave and and and...maybe i should just
sit back + enjoy the thing.

funny face, audrey hepburn + fred astaire, 1957


via the l magazine
ladyshade rim hat, fox + fawn, ($13.95)


"sky cathedral"
louise nevelson

the moma abex exhibition is glorious, as expected. what i didn't expect was louise nevelson.
nevelson's stunning "sky cathedral," a beautifully stark 11x10 foot sculpture,
undeniably steals the show. the monochromity provides unity, a bold use of
visual consistency, but it does not hide the intricate variety of the
individual found pieces that assemble this prepossessing piece. all my
ideas about texture, assemblages of found objects, + the color black --
i had no idea i had been stealing from nevelson. i'm stupidly infatuated.

shh! soulmate

is that you, terence koh?
sometimes i daydream that we're best friends that
share shades + say catty things about color.

photo by sarah cates via refinery 29


nightshade slip-socks

my love affair with girly ruffle socks continues.

nightshade slip-socks, beacon's closet ($5.50)
funfetti kitty-cat heels, beacon's closet ($13)


autumn mvps:
pumpkin flavored everything +
oversized, creamy, nog-colored knits.
i'm also going bananas for girly ruffle socks.
i want to wear all of the girly socks ever
made in the universe all at the same time.

cream nog knit, beacon's closet ($18.95)
girly lace socks, american apparel ($9)
lita platforms, jeffrey campbell (an arm + your boyfriend's leg)



"men love hats. they love it because it’s something
they have to take off in order to f**k you."

- isabella blow

(via this tumblr)

more nom-nom tumblrs:
one for all that is amazing and wonderful
+ one for hungover owls

"music never stops only listening" (unit 1)

my sonic excursions + approach to stylistic minimalism is
largely influenced by the work of john cage + his maxim:

"music never stops, only listening."

this is a portrait of an abandoned glass container that
used to hold rainbow sprinkles. i've attached a label
inside that reads, "music."



my goldfish kitty-cat heels + i go back a long way.
from LA to oxford to brooklyn, i haven't been able to
part with them. now, having the courage to wear them
in public, is a completely different story.

they are little irregular choice franken-shoes.
the blue flowers came from another set of irregular choice
peek-a-boo flats that died years ago, r.i.p.


shadow of a doubt

just wear everything that you own, all at the same time.


i did not eat one vegetable. this is embarrassing.
today, i started adding old strips of black jersey to an
old over-sized tee. i will keep you updated with any progress.