modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:



sweet as gold sparkle bow bootie by irregular choice

thanks for the tip, koh xo

styler's crossfire

i'm wondering who is dressing them milky manes these days?
in her new video for "dancehall queen," robyn sports some high-voltage,
high-waisted stud-licks that look seriously similar to rihanna's "rude boy"
catsuit. overall, this seems to be a homage, musically + aesthetically, to
rihanna's booty department.


robyn, "dancehall queen," (released milliminutes ago)
*pay close attention to robyn's hips at the 0:48 second mark.

rihanna, "rude boy" (released earlier this year)
*the meowsuit in question first appears at the 1:20 mark.

no name sleepy sounds

here is another rough cut of my wallpaper whisper project.

i will move to melbourne for you

nothing like a little bit of street-peeping on a brisk monday afternoon.

via the facehunter


fashionable appropriation

i've been helping an east coast writer document the music appropriation
genres (swing, lounge, jump blues, rockabilly, roots shoot-offs)
of the 90s. my job entails transcribing the interviews about
songbirds like ingrid lucia:

i'm wondering why appropriation is forgiven in the fashion industry,
but we're less forgiving of our musicians. we ask for an awful lot of
originality from our musicians. there is something inherently theatrical
about fashion in which the visual produces a direct impression, but still
in a referential passivity in which the source doesn't have to take
full responsibility. but there is something about including music,
including the human voice, where posing is a poor-man's scam.

*girlish squeam

i didn't see you there. maybe i should turn the light on.


pirate queen

i've always been interested in the stark intricacy
of royal couture. with edgy textures in garment
shades, lipsticks, + drapery, hamza shoots smith
like a pirate queen styled by a circus diva.

photo: sharif hamza
model: ashley smith
for vogue russia december issue via jeremy dante

the last man

feast on the lush labors of LA visual artist greko sklavounos.
the location of lush greens accompany the lone figure quite
well, don't you think? the pristine styling brings a mystical
edge to the images. despite this harsh confrontation with nature,
the figure remains exceptionally mint.

photo: greko sklavounos
model: colin greenall
styling: nova dando
styling assistant: jo gilmour

view more here


junya watanabe, spring 2011 ready to wear

something exceptionally beetlejuice-like in this playful combination
of stripes - keeping color to the accessories, to the wigs, to
the hats. i'm especially drawn to the white-out makeup direction
for the model's faces, keeping it cartoonie, creepy, + anonymous.


francois verkerk might be

my favorite male model

check out frankie + more babes from the
paul smith spring 2011 menswear collection

i say

wear all of your instruments at the same time.



i'm in love with jesse eisenberg.

i didn't expect that.

marc jacobs is a dirty rat

mj collaborates with stubbs + wootoon to make stinky rat slippers.
yes, "stinky rat" is the official logo. how filthy. i love it.
anyone got $500 to spare?


i think

a friend at friendsgiving got me sick.

it is dark in here.


"i'm so glad you say art -- i can't say that word out loud
because that's up to others to decide. i would never say i'm an
artist. i hate when you ask people what they do, + they say,
'i'm an artist.' i believe i'll be the judge of that. saying
somebody's work is art is a good review. but what was the question?"

john waters

photo by dudley reed

sea anemone

i have to believe. it is the only medium that still does this to me.
in some unique way, it remains mysterious + mystically wonderful in a
fashion wildly unknown to my merely mortal faculties.

o o o

there are no subtitles + i don't know any swedish. i like not knowing. i like maintaining this specific image of fever ray as this mythological foreign vessel that wraps herself in elaborate costumes + speaks a language that i don't understand.


dot gentleman stripe

on my way out the door for an old fashioned friendsgiving.
i am grateful for brooklyn bike adventure club because it brought
me to some really swell company.


sounds to sleep to

some slight lullaby i've been working on
via baritone ukulele + hamburglar speaker-speak.
it is muy-petite, so put your ears right up to your
speakers to hear my whispers.

alien yes bears in space, the remix

my buddies twin shadow boogie-woogied the music hall
last night. my main motivation for shimming sideways
to the pretty pony boulevard was team tshades, + they were
supporting trio bear in heaven + it sounded like this:

it took me a minute to place jon philpot's voice, but then
the reference haunted the remainder of the evening:
jon anderson of yes. john + i decided that bear in heaven
should change their name to "alien yes bears in space, the remix."
appropriate, yes? beyond the proggy connection, bear in heaven
was rad. this was their last night on tour, but do yourself
a solid + munch on the aural cuisine that is bear in heaven.

do it now:


water spots

i like what november rain does to boots. it kind of
looks like there are little invisible legs in there.


it's been a lot of rush + coloring books the last couple of days.
i guess you could say that i'm returning to my roots.

the word filling up the cat is "music."


if i was a cloisters garden gnome

i could probably get away with wearing this everyday.

i am not employed by the cloisters, nor am i
a garden gnome, but i am reaching for the stars.


i'm pretty sure that i have bubbles for brains, but
there might be roses in there, somewhere? i say
less hair, more ornaments. more flowers, more
feathers more netting, more, more, more.

chicletes com guaraná pre-fall 2011
by márcio rodrigues for the brazilian label
styling by mariana sucupira

via yourmothershouldknow

wunderkind spring 2011 ready to wear collection

wolfgang joop goes to candyland covered in cherries + i'm feasting on
the fruits of his labor. i'm cheering for the striped tights + platform lace-ups,
a victorian dollhouse via boxing gym trend that i'm drinking the kool-aid for.
nothing beats a sharp-dressed ginger hunk, either. santa, do you hear me?

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midnight trim

just a little off the top.