modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


why hair?

i keep getting this question & it's always difficult to answer.
let's start small.

1. hairdressing is practical.

2. hairdressing is creative.


beauty school day #200ish: mia farrow shapes

i was so happy that my friend myong was able to be my square
layers model. she usually does a pretty good job cutting her
own hair, but with my teacher pia's help, we flattened the shape &
texturized the perimeter. myong has some strong growth patterns,
so the cut required a lot of length adjustment & readjustment,
& variation in comb tension. the finished look is air-dried with some arrojo texture paste.


check out her adorably unique hairline!


bubble shapespiration

i've entered a bridal up-do competition +
i want to do a soft riff off of this shape.


via fiore-rosso

silver foxspiration