modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


turning on the light, part 4/5.6/789

135 x 968574. bad fashion is like a bad blood transfusion. if poorly executed, your body will reject it.

3.14159 shopping sucks.

423 - 345. shopping sucks because our international distribution process has built-in disastrous effects. we have a supposed sizing standard that surprisingly fluctuates with each designer, each manufacturer, each retail bazaar. the billions of people on the planet don't actually fit so-nicely into such categories + are more complicated than merely "petite" or "plus-size" ...who knew?

0. our consumer culture has melted our self-esteem because this system has everything backwards. when something shiny doesn't abide by your curves, you have not failed, the garment has failed you.