modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


jane campion's bright star (2009)

is one of those films whose trailer made me vomit. yesterday, it was the magical crack that is netflix-instantwatch + the glowing splendor of ben whishaw* that lured me to the screen. i expected some repulsive notions of romantic love, but janet patterson's gorgeous costumes brought the gasp-factor. it is an english, early 19th century lurve story between poet john keats (my boy benny whishaw) + fanny brawne (abbie cornish). the costumes are full of beautiful little details.

a lovers' stroll:

fanny's glorious collar:

samuel's (thomas sangster) charming wicker top hat:

i want to make detachable mushroom collars for the rest of my life. thank you, janet patterson.

*benny + me? it's true love, i know that now.