modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


maude goes clubbin'

you probably stole a wicked glance or two at beautiful lydia mary while she performed in the recent marina abramovic retrospective at moma. a big bash ball ma-bop was going down as the show ended last week + my girl asked for help.

from her archive of beautiful dresses, lydia mary excavated this precious jewel:

YES the gown is gorgeous, BUT the gown is also heinously impractical. lydia mary wasn't going to sport that sparkle-bot for another 50 years, when she's a wrinkly performance hag who can afford to be carried around like a holy relic.

she wanted a scandal. so lo made it short:

+ after all of that, june 1st ended up being nasty, humid + spitty. lydia mary was forced to do a last minute costume change. one day we'll capture her workin' this maude mini in all its glory. promise.