modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


love at first sound

"have you ever?"
"been in?"
"[ nod / skiffle ]"
"love at first sight is the only kind of love.
everything else has to be learned through a conflict
of some sort. but in love with someone i was in a
relationship with? i'm not sure that happens often enough."

my lack of navigation at lollapalooza was clear evidence of my lack of
participation in new sounds. i have never felt so distant and so
catastrophically attached. word is that the uk's wild beasts have been
glamoring for quite some time + i am just a loser. if there is such a
thing as love at first sound, this is it. live, these gents generate
something expansive, velvet and dark - but their albums are something
else entirely. these songs are strange, guttural, hysterical flavors.
my tongue is numb.

i want to swaddle them in thin white duke suits, starting with the
devastating hayden thorpe, who's falsetto is actually ruining my life.