modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


an open letter

beloved jt,

i love you. i love your jams + i love your moves + i don't care that you've
abandoned your music career to bubble + boil your acting fancies. i knew you were
special the day i caught a glimpse of an n'sync album cover with your gel-smashed
over-bleached curls, sandwiched in-between photos of your fellow boyband charlies, suffocated by the plastic square that held it. this happened in a wherehouse (remember those?) yes yes yes i love you but enough of that now. on to more important matters.

I HATE YOU + I HATE THAT YOU MADE THE FEDORA ACCESSIBLE. now people everywhere bop about in these stupid hats, out of context, + whether or not they actually fit their stupid stupid heads stupidheads.

but you should call me. we could discuss bowties and, or make-out.

rhyannon xoox