modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


chit-chat cabinet

also found this note hiding in my digital wastebasket:

listening to animal collective is like
listening to animal collective is
experiencing animal collective like
experiencing animal collective is like experiencing the Disneyland electric light parade.

i'm pretty sure someone else of a more privileged station has used this image before but i'm having trouble placing the origin. it might have just been me.

smells: odors of unwashed starchy uniforms, babies, camera film tourists, processed foods saturated in sugars that spell all sorts of cancer, warped, out of date, crusty, texture, exaggerated hues, florescent smells, excessive sensual overload, blinding lights, invasion, sonic fear of white walls, chasm, abyssal fluidity that's only negatively nightmarish pimply faced teenage worker draped in 2 dimensional wardrobe on 3 dimensional body