modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


i wish viktor + rolf were my sassy aunts

my favorites from their spring 2011 ready to wear show:

v + r are pros at playing with proportion. while they always include
practical looks, they're never short of show stoppers. their cuts are
starkly dynamic + full of interesting texture. the body is not just a
human hanger. these ideas extend beyond the body. these models become
walking stage productions, traveling theater, like modern experiments
in urban camouflage (a phrase my friend dena coined in reference to my
own ideas). it is a fabricfile's wet dream - you wander into a fabric
shop overflowing with millions of yards of color, grain, + quality.
while lightly sampling their textures with your fingertips, you
studder to find sudden movement in the stacks.

these are not merely heaps of textiles, there are humans under there.

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