modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


somebody hit the light, part 56,634.2300314

13/4: pretty is boring. that place on my chest where my heart
used to be, sings a sad note when i see "pretty," because
i've moved on. it's not enough to be pretty, you have to
be interesting, and interesting means a lot of different
things to a lot of different people.

(768) 345 - 2465: i'm attracted to masculinity in a sense that
i am attracted to strength and stylistic vigor, as opposed
to flippant, soft, or fashionable vulnerability. strive
for might and commitment to an idea and you can't go

-34,211, 123: i'd rather give too much than not enough,
which is probably why i'm always sweating, but at least
i'm not shivering.