modern experiments in urban camouflague

modern experiments in urban camouflage:


we belong together

we like to repeat ourselves. i am okay with this as long as we wear sassy blazers while doing it. pat got it covered. lou diamond + mariah girl, take note.

"we belong together," by los lobos, as performed by lou diamond phillips in la bamba (1987)

"we belong together," mariah carey (2005)

"we belong," pat benatar (1984)

i've started recording myself whispering greeting-card size melodies. this is kind of a big step, considering that recording technology really terrifies me. today i sat down with a cup of tea + mumbled a mini clip of the los lobos song featured above. i've been advised by a couple of lovelies to "sing out!" but i'm so in love with technological fuzziness, sonic versions of dust + cobwebs, that i don't know if i could ever swiffer those sounds out.